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Miller Beer

Johnny Mack

"I wrote a cross between a jingle and a song, using a rural chord progression I had heard many times in the Carolina back country. The song was later played and sung by a saloon piano player whom I had often heard playing in an Atlanta bar at night while I was visiting the Coca-Cola Company by day. Johnny Mack had never done a commercial before, and he sounded like he hadn't, which was all to the good. He sounded like what he was—a singer/piano player who had sung in a hundred bars from coast to coast since as long as he could remember. He sounded like he represented a beer that frequented bars and saloons, not country clubs."

Bill Backer - Songwriter

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It Might Have Been (Unreleased)

Johnny Mack

Johnny Mack quickly gained popularity with those who love to listen to beautiful voices. Rapt audiences everywhere enjoyed his inimitable style of singing in night clubs, over radio, and on television. Limited night club engagements turned in to long, successful appearances in plush entertainment spots such as the Town & Country in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Red Log in San Francisco, California , the Chez Paree in Chicago, Illinois, and the Regency Hyatt House in Atlanta, Georgia. Johnny appeared on such popular television shows as Today’s Show and TV Party Line. He appeared and sang with celebrities such as Zsa Zsa Gabor, Frankie Lane, and Johnny Ray.

This album contains the most popular selections from Johnny Mack’s repertoire of popular songs. Each song has a tone value that only Johnny Mack can deliver. Albert Coleman, the producer of this album, said, “Johnny Mack has one of the finest singing voices I have had the pleasure of hearing. I have enjoyed my work with Johnny Mack; his singing and personality is tops.”


Recorded at: Master Sound Studios, Inc., Atlanta, GA; Engineer: Bob Richards; Produced by: Albert Coleman; Music arranged by: Carleton Palmer

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Kristofferson In The Joints (Unreleased)

Johnny Mack

There is simply no way of describing Johnny Mack singing "Kristofferson in the Joints" other than RAUNCHY.

While living in Nashville to record the Miller Beer commercial and entertaining at the King of the Road, composer and artist became acquainted. Mutual appreciation and respect of the talent each realized for the other prompted this recording.

Written and sung from the soul can carry you to the beer bar with all its smoky cigarette stale air, the ever present women of the streets, and the lonely drunk salvaging a broken heart. This album is the musical ode to all who frequent the joints.


Recorded at Perfection Sound Studio, Inc., Smyrna, GA; Engineer: Terry Crisp; Produced by: Paul Jarvis

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